Vol 21 No 2 2014

Salt Light and a City: Introducing Missional Ecclesiology

Graham Hill


The Missional church conversation, as Michael Frost explains, has called the church back to getting a fresh understanding of Jesus, recalibrating around mission, and then thinking about how to shape church (Christology determining missiology, determining ecclesiology). That is a helpful corrective to pragmatic preoccupations of Church Growth that wants to find a model of church that will best work, let alone postmodern consumer mentality that looks for a church system that "meets my needs". Reencountering Jesus and recalibrating around mission is a healthy reality check for churches. Nevertheless, it is also important to rethink our foundations for church for our 21st century context. Given the demands of our context, and the mission of God that the church is invited to cooperate with, what we need is a distinctively missional ecclesiology. But who can we learn from? What guiding frameworks will best shape a missional ecclesiology?