Vol 21 No 2 2014

Feminist Theologians and Pneumatology: An Enrichment of Vatican Two

Helen Bergin


This article first explores two pneumatological elements within Vatican II's four major Constitutions, namely, the Spirit's role in enabling the gift of koinonia and in accompanying human beings into truth. The second part then examines the ways that Catherine M. LaCugna and Elizabeth A. Johnson have expanded the Council's expressions of the Spirit's role within koinonia and within truth-making by engaging with the pneumatological themes from a feminist perspective. LaCugna's interaction with the Cappadocian theologians and Johnson's positioning of the Spirit as the divine person accompanying creation and humanity into the triune mystery witness to one hope from Gaudium et Spes, namely, that "revealed truth can always be more deeply penetrated" (GS n.42).