Vol 20 No 1 2013

Christianity and the Disciplines: The Transformation of the University

O. Crisp, G. D'Costa, M.Davies, P.Hampson (eds)


There is a range of views of how theology relates to the different disciplines, but the universal theme is that conversation with theology is beneficial. It is fascinating how disciplines across the university grapple with making sense of the world and how they deal with (or ignore) faith. Sometimes theology informs the content of what is taught, and sometimes it simply helps put other disciplines in context and add meaning and metaphysical depth. There is helpful discussion of teaching and education implications, especially the challenge to grapple with deeper matters, ethics and character formation as well as knowledge and skills. The best value of the book is the writers' contagious love of their subjects and how we can learn from the breadth and recent developments in different fields. The book finishes without a conclusion. But the eighteen chapters they have collected helpfully model diverse conversation between theology and other disciplines and invite ongoing dialogue.