Vol 19, No 3, 2012

Vol 19 No 2 2012

From the Editor

Welcome to our final issue of the AeJT for 2012. This issue we are pleased to present an interesting mix of papers for your summer reading. Anthony Kelly invites us to consider a phenomenology of revelation in light of the resurrection; Justin Taylor revisits Max Weber's account of institutionalisation of charismatic leadership to question is applicability to the origins of the early Church; Christiaan Jacobs-Vandegeer draws on the writings of Bernard Lonergan to explore questions of interreligious dialogue; Elaine Ledgerwood draws us into the experience of forgiveness through the eyes of refugees and those who advocate for them; and Alan Cadwallader uncovers a snippet of the story of John Henry Newman and attempts to provide a new English translation of the Bible in the nineteenth century. To all our readers, Christmas blessings and summer rest for the year ahead.